Learning is a continuous process, especially with regards to entrepreneurship. We learn to become knowledgeable and be more confident as we execute the vision for our businesses. We learn to know the best strategies to use  in growing the business, and improve its profitability. We learn to become better managers and business owners.

In business, you either succeed or you fail. Your goal should be to find the right formula to succeed; and avoid the mistakes especially those that can be fatal for the business. One way to learn about how to succeed — and what mistakes to avoid — is to look at the experiences of big businesses. What made them succeed? What failures should be avoided? More importantly, what lessons can you learn from them that you can apply to your small business?

LearningfromBigBoys.com focuses on what small and home-based entrepreneurs can learn from big businesses — both the great things that make them successful, as well as the mistakes that make them stumble (yes, they make lots of mistakes, too, even big ones sometimes).

Big businesses may need 100,000 employees to run their business, but the process that a 1-5 person business owner goes through remains the same: Determine the needs of the market, provide the product or service that market needs, and reach that market (albeit using simpler operations and processes).

The goal of LearningfromBigBoys.com is to distill lessons from how big businesses start and run their operations to inspire small  entrepreneurs and give them ideas of strategies to adopt.

LearningfromBigBoys.com is published by PowerHomeBiz.com LLC, a Virginia, USA company that began operations in December 1999. Our focus is to provide information for the startup entrepreneurs, home-based businesses and work at home moms and dads. 

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