Learning from the Social Media Mistakes of Rep. Anthony Weiner

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Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-New York) is currently embroiled in a controversy after a lewd photo was sent from his official Twitter account to another woman not his wife. Amidst mounting pressure and growing evidence, he admitted that he engaged in “several inappropriate ” electronic relationships on social network site such as Facebook and Twitter.

He initially claimed that his account was hacked and that he did not post the photo on Twitter. As more photos start to surface and the women he was engaged in “inappropriate relationships” started to come out, he finally admitted in a teary press conference that it was indeed him who mistakenly posted the photo on Twitter.

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Social media is an important tool for businesses today, from getting close to your customers to learning about the marketplace to knowing what others are doing. For politicians like Congressman Weiner, Twitter is a tool to dialogue and reach out to their constituents and voters. However, as the scandal with Congressman Weiner shows, there are risks to using social media. One wrong post can wreak havoc on your business (and personal life).

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