Blendtec: Success in Using Online Videos for Marketing

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[tweetmeme]Online videos are proving to be effective sales and marketing tools. One business that greatly benefited from online videos is Blendtec, a manufacturer and retailer of blenders.

Blendtec’s clever and imaginative use of videos through the series “Will It Blend?” boosted the profile and sales of this previously unknown brand. Their tongue-in-cheek videos featured items you’ve never imagined to be going up against the blender. Their “Will It Blend?” series of videos have blended items such as golf balls, plastic toys, marbles, iPods, and so on.

Blendtec Videos

Blendtec was looking for a way to convey the strength of their blenders. They wanted to showcase that their blenders can handle most anything customers throw at it to chop, grind, blend, freeze, puree and others. They wanted to show consumers that their blender is not your regular machine.

The campaign started when the marketing director toured the manufacturing plant and noticed that the floor was littered with sawdust and wood shavings. He was told that those were not from a construction, but simply part of the tests CEO and inventor Tom Dickson regularly subjects the blenders to see their endurance, durability and power. That gave him the idea for a marketing campaign for Blendec:

When Wright learned of Dickson’s unusual quality-control technique, sirens started going off in his head. “I realized that with the right marketing,” Wright says, “we could make millions aware of this powerful blender. I wanted people to know this is not your regular machine.”

Wright took $50 and bought a lab coat, marbles, a rake, a six-pack of soda, a fast-food value meal, and golf balls. He tossed the coat to Dickson, put him in front of a camera, and asked him to blend the purchases.

Blendtec masterfully called the campaign “Will it Blend?” Launched in 2006, the campaign featured their CEO in a lab coat to showcase the toughness of their blenders. They proceeded to create videos showing their blenders crushing the unlikeliest of objects.

Within five days of posting their first video campaign on Youtube and in their website, the video showing a blender crushing a golf ball was viewed more than a million times. Since then, the company has uploaded 106 videos in their Youtube channel, which have been viewed more than 157 million times. They have also created a site called that houses their videos, with links to their main product site.

Impact of Videos on Blendtec

The campaign worked because they kept the idea simple: blend anything. It intrigued and wowed the viewers, who may not have expected that a blender can actually grind iPhones, apple pies or hockey pucks.

The CEO as a pitchman also worked well. Dickson is engaging, natural in front of the camera and totally relatable. He gives Blendtec a human face.

The company also listened to feedback from customers on what they want to see blended. They engage with followers on Twitter, Facebook and their site has a section asking visitors for suggestions on what they want to see blended.

The Blendtec video campaign has been successful in increasing brand awareness and sales. Reports indicate that the viral video campaign boosted retail sales of Blendtec by as much as over 700%.

In addition, the videos created another revenue stream for Blendtec. They now charge other companies that want their products blended and featured in the Blendtec videos.

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