Online Marketing Strategies for Holiday Growth

| November 23, 2010 | 5 Replies

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[tweetmeme]It’s Thanksgiving week, and it is time to start thinking of holiday gift giving. For merchants, now is the time to ramp up on all holiday promotions and work towards ensuring that all strategies result in a successful holiday season.

MarketLive in its report h“Poised for Holiday Success” offers three customer centric strategies to ensure a successful holiday season and achieve continued growth. While the report focuses mostly on big ecommerce merchants, the report contains recommendations that could also be beneficial for a small online retailer.

According to MarketLive, here are strategies that can boost your business during this holiday season — and beyond:

Multi channel integration

Big businesses often have several channels to sell — their physical stores, online stores, printed catalogs, and even mobile websites. The report recommends that merchants should showcase what services they offer, making sure that they emphasize the convenience and ease of cross channel options. If you only have an online store, fret not; there’s still a number of things you can do. The report suggests moving social networking links to prime positions so shoppers can easily share products and offers, enabling word of mouth marketing.

In social media, responsiveness is key

Social media presence can be used to promote your new products, and even announce promotions and deals. However, be prepared for your social media presence to become your customer service channel. Your customers may use your Facebook or Twitter presence to complain or talk about their orders. Try to respond to their questions or concerns swiftly.

Use customer behavior to segment free shipping offers

The report emphasizes that customers are not one-size-fits-all. You don’t need to offer free shipping to all. Instead, offer free shipping based on individual purchasing behaviors and take into account gift-buying preferences. For example, you can promote your top 10 best selling items through an email campaign to customers with a free shipping offer.

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