Due Maternity: Using Social Tools to Generate Qualified Traffic

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[tweetmeme]For most women, pregnancy is an exciting, momentous and joyous occasion. Many feel that it is a discovery meant to be shared with families and friends, while at the same time curious and apprehensive about pregnancy.

Knowing the typical behaviors of pregnant women, Due Maternity http://www.duematernity.com  created a microsite in November 2008 called LookWhosPreggo.com http://www.lookwhospreggo.com . The retailer, which offers maternity fashion and stylish maternity apparel, created the site to attract highly targeted leads while creating a tool that their target audiences find useful. The resulting is a fun and easy way for their target audiences to see how they will look like when they are pregnant and announce the good news to family and friends.

Upon arriving on LooksWhosPreggo.com, you will be greeted by the silhouette of a hip-looking woman, who does not look pregnant. This basically represents you, before you get pregnant. You can then select a body type out of three possible choices — e.g. Brown Sugar, Milk & Honey, or Fire Fox.

You will then be asked to upload a picture of yourself to be used for the woman’s face. The fun part is when the woman on the screen starts to change, with her belly growing and chest getting bigger. While shaking it up while eating Ben and Jerry’s, the screen then asks you to send the image to your friends and family to announce the good news. Once you have completed sending referrals, you will then be included in the giveaway contest.

Should you create a microsite? Here are some of the factors to consider:

  • Be clear what you want to accomplish with a microsite. For LookWhosPreggo.com, they wanted visitors to be directed to the main site, not the other way around. Hence, you will find the link to Due Maternity’s website from Look WhosPreggo.com, but no link from the main site to the microsite.
  • Make sure that the microsite will attract its own audience. The point of creating a microsite is to attract highly targeted traffic that the main site may not be attracting, and funneling that traffic back to the main site. You need to be smart how the microsite will be promoted since you will now have two websites to promote instead of one! This includes making sure that the microsite can rank well in the search engines.
  • Create a tool intended to reach and attract your target market. The maternity market has a constantly revolving customer base, and Due Maternity’s goal is to search for ways to keep current moms-to-be happy while trying to attract newly-pregnant women. However, the tool can be more successful if it can attract a wider target audience. While LookWhosPreggo.com’s tool to help women see how they will look as pregnant women is cool and fun, this is a behavior typically exhibited only by first-time moms. Moms who’ve previously gotten pregnant before already know how they look as pregnant women. Unfortunately, this is a market that the tool fails to address.
  • Have clear metrics to help you define whether the microsite is a success or not. To date, 103,612 users have used the tool (and shared it to their friends and families), with a 2% conversion rate for Due Maternity.

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