How to Effectively Use Facebook for Your Business: Learning from Dollar Tree

| September 8, 2010

[tweetmeme]Dollar Tree is a deep discount retail store that offers a wide variety of products – from toys to floral supplies to tailgating supplies – all for $1 or less.

This multichannel retailer of closeout and inexpensive items has developed a winning strategy on Facebook that their page now has 27,744 followers (as of this writing) who actively participate and engage with Dollar Tree. Their winning Facebook strategy boils down to how well they blend together two different (and sometimes opposing) objectives in using social media: engaging customers, and making that extra buck.

How does Dollar Tree do it?

1. The landing page is intended to help their Facebook presence become viral.

The entry point of their Facebook page is not their Wall; rather, it is a custom application designed to make it easy for Facebook users who come to like their page; and more importantly, invite their friends to like the Dollar Tree page as well.

2. They are active in responding to customers’ posts.

They are quick to acknowledge and thank users who provide positive comments about their experience with Dollar Tree. They express their appreciation to those who posts their love for the store.

3. They use the page to increase awareness about their inventory.

Comb through the Facebook page posts and you’ll see how Dollar Tree talks about their products. They give tips as to what products they should consider getting when thinking of a particular event.

They also recommend to their Facebook users where to find specific items, especially if not available in their local store. One user, for example, complained that the Dollar Tree store did not have anything much to choose from for fall and Halloween seasons, to which Dollar Tree responded:

Hi Lisa, we have a great selection online at and stores are getting more and more Halloween product in all the time. Remember to shop early because our great Halloween values won’t last long! Thank you for choosing Dollar Tree.

4. They encourage user-submitted photos.

 Their Photo tab includes both product images uploaded by Dollar Tree, as well as pictures uploaded by others. To date, fans have submitted 186 photos, which includes “Fall Wreath I made all items from dollar tree value $10,” “We love birthday party supplies from Dollar Tree!!!!!!” to “I found this adorable cupcake stand…one of the best “finds” in my recent DT haul!,” among others.

5. They use their Facebook real estate to promote their products.

One of their tabs is called What’s Hot, which entices users to check out their store ad. Clicking on their call to action “Show me what’s hot” leads to the Dollar Tree ad circular page.

 6. They don’t shy away from tough discussions.

It’s inevitable that some customers are not happy with the brand, and will express their anger, disgust and dissatisfaction on Facebook. Dollar Tree meets them head on and addresses their concerns.

One angry user posted in all caps this rant about Dollar Tree

To which Dollar Tree responded by saying:

Keeping our expenses as low as possible is ALWAYS a focus at Dollar Tree. By doing so, we can continue to offer amazing values to our customers. The decision to remove store music was not an easy one, but the savings from that allow us to expand the variety of fantastic items we currently offer our customers. At Dollar Tree it’s about providing customers all the things they want and need every day and all for $1.

7. They are quick to remove spammers.

Dollar Tree is ok with criticisms, but not with spam. They are vigilant in removing spammers whose only goal is to post their work at home opportunities, among other non-related items, They remove spam postings a few hours, if not a few minutes, after the spammer has posted their drivel.

8. They use Facebook to fill their manpower needs.

One of their tabs is a link to their career page, where store-level and corporate job vacancies are posted. After all, what better way to find someone to work for you than someone who already knows you, likes you enough to declare his or her interest and even passion for your business.

9. Even employees use their Facebook page!

Dollar Tree’s Facebook page includes postings from their employees. One user-submitted photo is captioned “Night shift crew at 03815, we love our Dollar Tree :).”  You’ll even see employee gripes on their Facebook page – and Dollar Tree’s response – such as the grumblings about the dress code.

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