Small Business Tips: How to Sell More on the Web

| December 24, 2009 | Reply

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The Web has allowed many small business owners to sell on the Web and open their online stores. However, they are finding that getting visitors to the website is one thing; turning them into customers is a whole different ballgame.

To succeed in your online business, you need to know how to get that customer to your website, and get that customer to spend on your website. You need to know how to turn them into customers. You can spend chunks of money marketing your site, buying pay per click advertising, and spending loads of time doing social marketing to get the word out about your online store. But once they land on your website, you need to be able to convert them into buyers.

Turning visitors into buyers, however, is not simple. There are several factors that you need to consider and improve on to entice visitors to spend their hard-earned cash on your website. Here are some of the important factors:

  • Simplicity or ease of use
  • Attitude and accessibility
  • Responsiveness or the quality, speed and helpfulness of your email replies
  • Transparency of your policies including privacy and return policies
  • Selection and presentation of products


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