How PepsiCo is Using Social Media

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[tweetmeme]In an article in BrandWeek, PepsiCo’s point man for social media Bonin Bough discussed how their company is using social media. PepsiCo is one of the big companies that extensively uses social marketing to push their brand and create meaningful conversations with consumers.

For Bough, the first part of using social media is asking the right questions:

  • How do we start integrating social media into the overall organization?
  • How do we look at some common platforms and services that we might be able to use across the organization?
  • What are some new strategies and platforms that we might explore?
  • How do we continue to bring those influencer voices inside an organization?
One of Pepsico’s efforts in social media is the launching of PepTrends, where top PepsiCo communicators, influencers and Twitter users gathered for a day to tweet about emerging global trends. The Peptrends discussion on Twitter (about 2,000 so far) are exchanged by using the hashtag #peptrends, and the chats focus on “Total Convergence, Local versus Global, and Social Media (and its impact on business, relationships and privacy).”

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