How to Introduce a New Product: Lessons from Sears

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[tweetmeme]If you are looking to introduce a new product line (particularly high end or expensive products), study’s way of highlighting a product.

With a new product, your goal is to educate the consumers about the product, how it is used and should be used, and more importantly, what benefits this new product can give the consumers. employs a variety of techniques that effectively showcases their Kenmore Induction Cooking products. Here are their strategies:

  • Dedicate a page introducing this new product line
  • Feature the page from the main page, if not the homepage
  • Pictures are worth a thousand words. has a huge picture of the product, with smaller photos of the products in action showcasing its benefits and features.
  • Provide detailed information about the product in various formats. has an informational video, product brochure, product specs and owners manual available right at the top of the product.
  • Give a clear listing of the product’s benefits and features. shows a pop-up when the mouse hovers over the benefit/features explaining in detail what the customer can get and experience from the product.
  • Stress the benefits of the product in the tagline. For this product, uses “Makes Cooking Faster, Safer, and More Efficient than ever before” — with the words “Faster, Safer and More Efficient” written in a bigger and bolder copy
  • Call to Action strategically placed with “Shop Kenmore Induction Cooktop” below the product description. Instead of using something like “Click here”, uses the stronger call to action “Shop.”
  • Provide customer assistance to address any questions or queries the customer may have. has “Let our Personal Kitchen Advisor help you shop” that conveys the company’s willingness to help the customer and hints at the product knowledge of these kitchen advisors.

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