How to Improve Effectiveness of Your Email Marketing Campaigns

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[tweetmeme]Internet Retailer conducted a survey of 174 web-only retailers, chain retailers, catalogers and consumer brand manufacturers on how they are using email marketing.

The most interesting result of the survey is the question on the tactics used to improve results from email:

Which of the following tactics are you using to improve the effectiveness of your email campaigs? (Check all that apply)

  • Featuring the company name prominently in the “from” line = 77.0%
  • Featuring the company name prominently in the “subject” line = 44.8%
  • Asking recipients to add your address to their address book = 38.5%
  • Keeping key points of content above the fold = 72.4%
  • Strategically placing buttons and links throughout the body of the message = 50.0%
  • Providing multiple options (for example, opting out of promotional emails but remaining on the e-newsletter list) during the opt-out process = 17.8%
  • Other = 17.2%
  • Adding more video related content = 8.0%


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