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[tweetmeme]eM+C magazine has a good interview with the pet supply store on their secrets to customer service success. This 25-year old retailer is renowed for their excellent customer service.

In fact, has been named by Foresee Results’ Spring 2008 Top 100 Online Retail Satisfaction Index as the nation’s fourth ranked retailer in terms of online customer satisfaction.

According to the pet supply store, their secrets to online customer service success include

  • Think through how the customer will respond to whatever they put on the Web, asking themselves if this will help the customers understand what they are buying and make sure they have enough information to make the right decision.
  • Only sell quality products, which have been screened by their veterinarian staffers
  • Have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed, no questions asked
  • Have a one stop resolution system for the customer, where customer service agents are empowered to resolve a problem within that p hone call.
  • Have a website review process, where staffers from various departments try to look at their website from a customer’s point of view.
  • Listen to the comments of the customers and pay attention to them.
  • Focus on making customers, not just sales.


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  1. Great article. You are right on target. As President of a mystery shopping firm, we monitor this for companies around the world! Here are some interesting findings you might like to have.

    statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor:

    * 96% Do not complain
    * One out of 20 Do complain
    * 19 Do not complain
    * 9 to 10 People hear of the problem
    * 10% Tell 20 to 30 people about poor service
    * 54% to 70% Return if complaints are resolved
    * 95% If problem is resolved quickly”

    WOW Customer service is the best marketing a company can do! With social media gaining popularity, it is a must!!

    Kathy Doering
    Ann Michaels & Associates, Ltd.

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