Crate & Barrel: Email Strategies During Tough Economic Times

| September 26, 2008 | 1 Reply

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[tweetmeme]As the financial market falls, retailers are gearing up for a bleak holiday season. With financial woes such as the faltering housing market, rising unemployment and high food and energy costs, consumers may cut back on spending for gifts and holidays.

To survive in this market, one way is to emphasize low price gifts that have lots of value (and style). Crate and Barrel’s email campaign is a superb example of how this is accomplished:

Recognizing that customers may be tight with money this holiday season, the company sent out to their email subscribers a campagn listing 20 gifts for under $20. In this email campaign, Crate and Barrel demonstrates that:

  • The company understands that low price will become an important factor in buying gifts.
  • Beauty and style do not always need a hefty price tag.
  • With red and white colors, the image reeks of sophistication to convince the customer they can give inexpensive gifts without looking cheap.
  • Customers can get value for money.

Shoppers will not stop shopping this holiday season despite the economic downturn. But price will be an important factor they will consider. Be sure that your products are categorized by prices, and yes, like Crate and Barrel communicate to your consumer base that your store offers value for their money.

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