Demonstration of Excellent Customer Service from Big Boys

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I’ve come across the book “Tales of Knock Your Socks Off Service: Inspiring Stories of Outstanding Customer Service” by Kristin Anderson and Ron Zemke.” If you want to get ideas of how to provide excellent customer service, this book will inspire you.

Some examples of how the big boys gave excellent service:

Target Stores

A mom and her 6 year old son was looking for a particular “Superman” pajamas in a Target Store in Elgin, Illinois. The boy had this pajama when he was 2 years old, and wanted one in his bigger size. But the Target store did not have any for the boy’s size.

A Target employee approached them and offered her assistance. She called up several Target stores to check if the pajamas in the requested size was available. She found the PJs in the right size in another store, which promised to ship the item to the Elgin store. When the mom came to pick up the PJs, she learned that the Target employee personally drove 15 miles to the other store, paid for it with her own money and brought it to the Elgin store — all in the effort of ensuring that the mom can get the much coveted PJs


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