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[tweetmeme]For years, racy lingerie company Frederick’s of Hollywood has lost its luster, with the 61-year old retailer even filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. But the company is experiencing a resurgence, getting a new lease on life with $20 million in seed money from a merger with its top lingerie vendor Movie Star Inc.

Catalog Success magazine has an interesting article on the resurgent brand, and the article includes very useful tips from the company’s President/CEO Linda LoRe:

On Growing a Business

“Know your customers, know your customers, know your customers — and tailor your offerings and approach to your customers. Customers are very savvy today about what they want now, so don’t try to show them.”

On Steering Customers to What You Offer

“They know what they want; our job is to deliver that to them. Sometimes they don’t know what they want and need, and it’s our job to tell them where they’re going.”

You can read the full article at Catalog Success magazine


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