Learning from the Top Lawn Care/Landscaping Businesses

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[tweetmeme]From the Lawn and Landscape Magazine’s list of Top 100 companies, here are some lessons on how to start and run a service-oriented business:

Dale Micetic, President, ISS Grounds Control (2007 revenue: $50.35 million)

On the Importance of Networking. “Early on, I started attending local association meetings and interacting with other contractors and listening to the owners of larger companies talk about the challenges of running their businesses, and from that I learned how to run my business …. If a contractor keeps doing the same old things, he will get the same results. You have to be willing to change or you might be setting yourself up for failure.”

On Establishing Relationships with Customers. “The core of building repeat relationships is to become a value-added team player for your customers. One of the simpliest ways to do this is to make yourself available to them when they have to discuss their outdoor needs so they look to you as a key partner …. It’s much harder for a customer to fire a friend than it is for them to fire a vendor.”

On Hiring Employees. “When it comes to finding valuable employees to add to your team, you have to remember that you can train them on skills but you can’t train them on character and attitude. While you have to look for skills during the hiring process, seeking out people with a certain character is just as important. You should look for someone with the same character and mindset as yourself or others in your company who have excelled.”

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