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[tweetmeme]Social media marketing is still in its infancy, and even big retailers are still trying to learn the ropes and experiment on the best approaches for their businesses. launched in March a prom-dress campaign called Prom Premiere 2008. It is an interactive site that allows girls to share photos of dresses with family and friends, allowing them to mix and match the dresses from various designers, accessories, even the handbags. The look of the site is that of the red carpet — afterall, prom is every inch as glamorous as walking on the red carpet!

To tap the social media, users can email their completed prom look to their family and friends and Facebook applications. Imagine the parental pressure it brings when your child emails you the complete look: “Mom, I am absolutely gorgeous in this dress. Can you buy this for me, please?”

Plus, by sharing the look they like, the prom attendees can get the feedback of their family and friends before actually making the purchase. Finding the best dress and right look for the prom is certainly a very important decision for these girls, and it would certainly help if their friends and social network concur that the look is the absolute best for them.

And then there’s the viral factor. A friend, who may not have thought of shopping her prom dress at Sears, may change her mind and consider going to to check out the prom dresses as soon as she sees the selection of her friend. And it multiplies and multiplies, resulting in increased conversions and sales! has not reported on the results of this social media marketing, but the approach is certainly worth considering.

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