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| April 8, 2008 | 2 Replies

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[tweetmeme]One of the most effective ways to improve sales and set your business apart from the competition is by making your products more user friendly. One of the worst assumptions you can make is that customers will instinctively know what to do with your products, or even how to use it. This can be achieved by helping customers understand your product better, and even showing them how it works.

The personal organization company Buttoned Up has made educating their customers an integral part of their strategy. This small business sells organizing systems such as their Life.doc® Organizing Binder for important documents and Valuables.doc™ for cataloging and keeping track of valuables. The company founders believe that customers do not instinctively know how to use organizers and what information or papers to put in their organizers.

As such, the company focuses on guiding customers on how to best use their products. Their products contain detailed instructions on how to fill up the forms and how to use their organizers. Their website is also content rich full of organizational tips and articles, which is also nationally syndicated. Their blog is also full of information on how to organize your life.

Buttoned Up believes that if customers know what your product is for and how to use it, you are giving them more reasons to use your products. And with sales of more than $1 million last year, this small business has found a strategy that works!

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  1. LaurenB says:

    Greetings from Buttoned Up!
    Thank you so much for your kind review on Buttoned Up’s business strategy. We have had such a successful past year reaching 1 million in sales and are so excited about our new products and plans for the future! We would be happy to answer any questions from your readers about our start-up business or other strategy questions. There are also a couple articles about Buttoned Up’s business on our website that may help your readers.

    Thanks again and Happy Organizing!
    Lauren from the Buttoned Up Team

  2. NefttevyEffic says:

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