How Adjusting the Search Box Can Improve Conversion

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[tweetmeme]When trying to convert visitors into buyers, the search box is a critical element, and its size and location can have a huge impact on sales. reports that home furnishings retailer Black Forest Décor saw a 34% increase in their conversion rate by making the search box easier to find and use. They moved the search box from the upper right corner to the center of the page just under the top navigation bar as well as increased its size by 72%.

In addition, Black Forest Décor changed the Go button next to the search box with a Find button. The retailer also made some color changes, using a lighter shade for the search box and putting it against a dark background color to make the box pop visually.

Aside from the conversion rate increase, the percentage of web site revenue from customers who used site search after the redesign was 42%, up from 35% previously.


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