Experiential Marketing: Learning from Patagonia

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[tweetmeme]Experiential marketing is all about “engaging” a customer by creating a shopping atmosphere that is relevant to the customer. It is easy to engage a customer who walks into the door of a store where a sales consultant or business owner can talk to the customer and present the products; and harder to do on the Web. But it is doable.

One of the best examples of experiential marketing on the Web is the outdoor clothing retailer Patagonia.com. Patagonia uses dramatic photos of athletes actually using their clothing and gears in remote locations, giving customers a taste of what it feels like to wear Patagonia products.

Called “Ambassadors,” Patagonia uses athletes (both male and female) in the fields of rock climbing, alphine climbining, men’s surfing, women’s surfing, paddling, nordic skiing, skiing and snowboarding, and trail running. The Ambassadors are prominently featured in Patagonia’s Shop By Sport section, giving them humanizing stories and describing their adventures. And of course, the Ambassadors talk of their favorite Patagonia products!

Patagonia.com shows you what you can buy, and why you should buy it. The overall impact is to showcase the experience to you — and make you want to buy that jacket or shirt.

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