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[tweetmeme]If you love designer clothes, then is the shopping destination for you. is the discount store selling high end designer products from Fendi, Robert Rodriguez, Jimmy Choo, Prada, Gucci, and all the other big names. Its target audience consist of fashion-conscious, obsessive shoppers. in an interview with Chief Marketing Officer Bradford Matson offers some strategies uses to improve its sales:

  • Uses email marketing to send out special offers, which varies depending on customer characteristics such as first time buyers, dress loves, frequent shoppers. They devise their promotions based on customer segmentation — it’s not a one promotion for all.
  • To turn a browser into a first time buyer, they offer a discount on merchandise most popular with new customers such as designer dresses.
  • Customers who make a second purchase within 20 days are more likely to become loyal customers, so first time buyers receive a fast follow-up email offering another discount.
  • If it’s been six months since the customer last purchased, lures the customer back with a $30 coupon.
  • To break shoppers self imposed spending limitations (e.g. you’ve never spent more than $200), sends a coupon for $50 off a $250 purchase in the hope of increasing spending
  • For every promotion one customer gets, another customer gets a slightly different promotion as constantly experiments on what types of offers customers best respond to.


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