Improving Conversion Rate by Changing Product Description Page

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[tweetmeme] reports that the online home improvement retailer saw a “20% increase in conversions and a $10 rise in average purchase price” after changing its product page.

So we looked at a few product pages and compared its present version with that of March 2007’s version (via the Wayback Machine). The layout of the product page, at first glance, seems similar, but the new features conveyed more information — and greater trust — from the customer. Hence, conversion improved.

Take the product page of this ice maker filter with the present version and the March 2007 version .

  • The product description is exactly the same
  • In the present version, tabs were added to include Customer Reviews. In some products, another tab called Document is added to allow users to see product documentation. The 2007 version of the page had no customer reviews or documentation
  • The huge white space in the 2007 version between the product image and the Add to Cart button was filled up with the Brand, Model, and UPC Numbers, plus Product Review star ranking and invitation to review the product
  • Under the Add to Cart button, four new features were added: Ask us about this product; Chat with customer support; Tell a friend; and Printer friendly

The new features tapped the collective power of the consumers. Potential customers love to know how the product is really like, beyond the polish sales copy of the merchant. Is it easy to assemble, looks tacky and cheap, or go beyond expectations?

With the increase in sales conversion, it appears that customers actually love another customer’s input about the product. If you are looking to sharpen your product pages and improve conversion, adding the above features may be worth a try.


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