Apple: How to Succeed by Breaking the Rules

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[tweetmeme]Wired Magazine has a very interesting article on how Apple succeeds by breaking the rules.

  • Instead of championing the spirit of cooperation (e.g. open platforms), Apple designs software to work only on their own hardware – and not on anyone else’s. iPhone apps only work with iPhone, and OS X work only on Macs.
  • While other companies embrace openness (e.g. blogging about their strategies), Apple never talks to the press. They don’t blog, and they only announce new products when they are ready to launch. And the strategy seemed to work — every announcement of Apple is a major news story.
  • As seen from Microsoft’s antitrust experience, the rule is not to shut out rivals. Yet Apple thrives in hardball tactics where every Mac is preloaded with iTunes which becomes its default music player.
  • Apples’ focuses on pleasing themselves, not their customers. They’ve released iMacs without floppy drives, discounted their iPhones 2 months after the release and offered disgruntled customers with $100 gift certificates.
  • While other companies coddle their employees, Apple motivates through fear. They key for them is to inspire their employees with their sense of mission

Read the article “How Apple Got Everything Right By Doing Everything Wrong”


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