How to Create Successful Blogs: Lessons from Wells Fargo

| February 25, 2008 | 1 Reply

[tweetmeme]Wells Fargo is one of the first banks to foray into the world of blogging. They are now running four different blogs, focused on different communities.

eM+C Magazine in their Jan/Feb 2008 issue offered four lessons learned from Wells Fargo on how to create successful blogs:

1. Respond and listen to your customers. Before launching a blog — or changing one you already have — it’s important for you to really listen to your audience through the comments they enter and through the emails they send you. “Responding and listening to those dialogues — and

2. Read blogs before publishing your own. Doing so will help you understand the culture of blogs and blog readers.

3. Don’t look at social media like traditional marketing. It is important to understand the culture of social media and how it values authenticity, transparency, being honest and speaking plainly.

4. It’s not about the age, it’s about interest. The most important thing is to focus on an interested, passionate community — no matter what the age,


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