How the Big Boys are Tapping the Community to Improve Online Sales

| January 30, 2008 | 2 Replies

[tweetmeme]Selling online today is not just about putting pictures of products for sale on the Web. Customers are now more involved, and want to be part of the process. Hence, savvy etailers are tapping the community to build trust, to engage the customers and to increase sales.

Here are what some big boys are doing to harness the community:

  • Clothing retailer American Eagle Outfitters, which targets the young and hip, uses entertainment videos to reach out to their audience that are available in their website as well as YouTube, MySpace, FaceBook and in stores. The videos are created by both American Eagle as well as videos contributed by consumers
  • Dell has created Dell Lounge to get consumers on in the latest technology and gadgets in music, video gaming, and digital music.
  • David’s Bridal made its site more interactive by allowing brides who have used the shop to submit their stories, photos and videos. The stories of the featured brides focus on how David’s Bridal has made the wedding gown selection process easier, convenient and basically how pleasant their shopping experience with David’s Bridal
  • uses games to make the site more fun for their target market of relatively affluent mothers. The store has a Cart Me Away game where the winner receives shopping spree money of $2,500. As many as 50,000 customers participated in the previous games.
  • has introduced the wiki Omuse where readers can create how to guides from how to buy 14K gold jewelry to Becoming Who You Want to Be to Finding Good Art at Great Prices. Every guide has contextual text ads running that leads to specific product pages of Overstock


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